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Established in 2018, Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals specializes in advanced botanical therapies, with a strong focus on safety and excellence. Our facility strictly adheres to industry-established Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) for superior quality products. With a seasoned team dedicated to drug research, we prioritize consistency, purity, and safety. Committed to innovation and unwavering quality, we shape the future of healthcare.

About us

At Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals, we recognize the rich heritage and profound knowledge possessed by the Cahuilla people, the original stewards of the land now known as Desert Hot Springs. Their deep understanding of nature and plant materials informs and empowers our work today. By acknowledging the Cahuilla people, we honor their enduring relationship with this land and commit to building respectful and meaningful relationships with Indigenous nations and communities.

Our Vision

As we continue our journey, our vision remains steadfast — to be the leading force in shaping the future of healthcare, pushing the boundaries of what is possible, and ultimately enhancing the well-being of individuals around the globe.

Advancing Scientific


In 2021, Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals received its DEA registration as a Schedule I manufacturer, specializing in the cultivation, processing, and manufacturing of pharmaceutical-grade botanical raw cannabis and extracts.

Our focus is straightforward: providing researchers and drug developers with diverse compositions to advance scientific and medical research globally. 

 Our mission is clear – to redefine well-being through the production of high-quality botanical-based medications.

Our Licenses

Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals possesses key licenses that enhance its capabilities and competitive advantage in the cannabis market. These licenses enable legal and effective operation, provide strategic benefits in supply chain control, market expansion, and research, and ensure compliance. They collectively boost the company’s value proposition by fostering innovation and supporting its mission to develop high-quality, pharmaceutical-grade cannabis products.

DEA Bulk Manufacturing License

Allows Royal Emerald to bulk manufacture marijuana, marijuana extract, and tetrahydrocannabinols, and distribute them to DEA-licensed researchers. This license is crucial for conducting extensive research and developing new drug formulations.

DEA Distributor License

Permits the distribution and transport of Class II-V drugs across state lines, enabling Royal Emerald to expand its market reach and supply chain efficiency.

DEA Import License

Authorizes the importation of marijuana in various forms to supplement grow operations and research and development efforts. This license ensures a consistent and diverse supply of raw materials for product development.

DEA Analytical Lab License

Provides the capability to conduct analytical testing for quality control and compliance, ensuring that all products meet stringent federal standards.

California Seller’s Permit

Allows the company to engage in wholesale and retail practices within California, facilitating market penetration and revenue generation in one of the largest cannabis markets in the U.S.

CA Board of Pharmacy Wholesale License

Permits the distribution, brokerage, or transaction of Class I-V drugs or devices in California, broadening the company’s distribution capabilities within the state.

GSA License

Grants the ability to bid for government contracts, which can include cultivating, manufacturing, researching, and supplying cannabis. This license opens significant opportunities for federal partnerships and large-scale projects.

Our Mission

Royal Emerald Pharmaceuticals is setting out to re-define well-being by acting as the leading scientific hub to bring products to market that address large unmet needs and advance the quality of life for patients who have no other alternatives.



Rooted in the experiences of our founders, who proudly served their country, we set out to address the myriad health conditions faced by veterans. Today, we stand as advocates for those who have selflessly dedicated themselves to protect and serve. Our focus on delivering impactful solutions stems from a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by this community.

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